Molly Johnson  © jeremy mimnagh


Luke Garwood © jeremy mimnagh


Molly Johnson, Brendan Wyatt  © jeremy mimnagh


Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson  © jeremy mimnagh


Luke Garwood, Brendan Wyatt  © jeremy mimnagh


Danielle Baskerville, Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson, Brendan Wyatt  © jeremy mimnagh


Danielle Baskerville, Luke Garwood © jeremy mimnagh


elsewhere is a place in us - a non-place - where situation and relationship are felt into visibility, and where everyone is simultaneously together and alone. A quality of continual motion guides the reeling bodies through a collection of experiences, leaving behind a sensory imprint of all that is changing, vital and fleeting.  

Heidi Strauss
Danielle Baskerville, Miriah Brennan, Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson, Brendan Wyatt 
music & projection
Jeremy Mimnagh 
set and costume design
Teresa Przybylski 
lighting design
Rebecca Picherack
outside eye
Ginelle Chagnon
stage management
Marianna Rosato

duration: 60min
Created with support from: Dance Victoria, York University, Public Energy and Dance Cité, The Theatre Centre, The CreatiVenture Collective, The Ontario Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council and The Canada Council for the Arts.

"…sincere, intimate and bracing."
Le Delit

"elsewhere never abandons the tension that drives it forward."
Mooney on theatre

"The work’s complex matter is embodied with surprising beauty that
is at times tense and frenetic, and at others slow, ample, fluid.”
Le Devoir

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