Duncan Centre, Prague - Heidi Strauss © jeremy mimnagh


adelheid makes work that speaks to the ‘realness’ of where we are and who we are – how we are affected by the world around us. We create work that focuses on human contact, interaction and communication. adelheid believes that performance is both about what is understood and what is felt, about both meaning and the human potential to experience. We are interested in the situation of performance and in how we consider each other (audience & performer) within that construct.

adelheid formed in 2008 after a series of collaborations between Heidi Strauss and Jeremy Mimnagh, and since then has toured across the country. The company’s work underwent a first significant period of growth when Heidi became the first resident dance artist at the Factory Theatre (2008-2012), with the presentation of three full evening works including 
as it is, the multiple Dora Award-winning this time, and still here, and then a second period when she was in residency at the Theatre Centre (2013-16) through the creation and presentation of award-winning what it’s like.

Experience changes us; the experience of live performance can move us, sometimes in ways we can’t put into words. It can make us feel things we don’t expect, think things we never considered, and give us space to reflect. It never does the same thing the same way twice.

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